Kategorie: European Dilemma – Greek Tragedy

  • Kyra Panagia – the Holy Island

    In the conception of early human civilization there existed nothing supernatural because the spiritual dimension was an essential part of the natural world. Hence holiness, if defined as the essence of the natural, existed before mankind began to recognize and to distinguish the qualities of the spiritual versus the natural world. So it remains a…

  • Piperi – coast of the monk seals

    Piperi Island, Northern Sporades – the Last Unknown in the Aegean Sea. Refuge for the Mediterranean monk seal (Monachus monachus), Eleonora’s falcon (Falco eleonorae), endemic reptile (Podarcis erhardii weigandi) and  plant species (Campanula rechingeri). Core zone of the Marine Park.

  • Endemic cattle of the Northern Sporades archipelago

      On the Northern Sporades Archipelago, all the indigenous stock of cattle became  extinct in the early 1990s. This invaluable loss of genetic material is one of the tragic consequences of Greek ignorance and indifference.

  • Piperi – the cultural heritage

    Try to imagine a scenario hardly feasible, as frustrating as the task of designing a national park status regulation for islands never visited, never seen even from some distance or never assessed by other people to rely upon. The result got to be totally inadequate, rather counterproductive, useless throughout – lacking any reflection of all…

  • Northern Sporades conservation area – continued

    part two It follows my second letter to Mr. Yeroulanos; see copy of first page in part one Dr. Thomas Schultze-Westrum   Kaisertsr. 52     8000 München 40 Marine National Park Project NORTHERN SPORADES Status Report December 1976 prepared for: Mr. Marinos Yeroulanos Executive Secretary National Council for Physical Planning and Environment Ministry of…