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In continuation of  "Bosavi - Living portraits from the forest".

All photographs were taken 1966 at Didessa village, Kaluli ethnic group, Mt. Bosavi region, Papua New Guinea

Note: not all these people lived at Didessa, though. Some had come from distant villages to meet us.

The "village" consisted of one communal dwelling only. ...weiterlesen "Bosavi images – part 2"

Never ever in the evolution of human life on Earth there will be again communities like the Bosavi forest people at the time of our visit in 1966 - being totally independent of our civilization.

Never ever again there will exist any tribal cultures in their own right.

Our generation is experiencing the final and dramatic change from distinct ethnic diversity and traditional maintenance of endemic ways of life, towards a global conformity, inter-relationship and inter – dependence. This stage of human evolution never happened in any comparable way before nor can it be repeated. We witness an unique transition. ...weiterlesen "Bosavi – living portraits from the forest"

Eine wahre Geschichte und film story

Der Schwerpunkt liegt in dieser Filmgeschichte nicht auf dem Drachen; er ist nur aus Gründen der Attraktivität so stark betont. Es sind vielmehr die wahren  Begebenheiten von der dramatischen Rettung des Regenwaldes von Warir und die ganz dichte Beobachtung der Menschen im Dorf, welche hierbei die Hauptrolle gespielt haben. Beispielhafter, da sehr erfolgreicher, langfristiger Regenwaldschutz ...weiterlesen "DIE DRACHENINSEL"

- Teluk Mayalibit Conservation Report

This Report was compiled with emphasis on conservation at the village level, following the ECOCULTURE movement without any affiliation to NGO or government organisations. It is being made public at a time when the world community is becoming aware of the devastating effects of forest exploitation in West Papua. And a counter-movement is in formation– at last.

...weiterlesen "Pulau Waigeo, Kabupaten Raja Ampat, West Papua"

(This article was first published in kabar-irian.com and in The Indonesian Conservation News Letter. It was then  distributed over news networks worldwide, in 2002 and 2003)

The lobbies of upper class hotels in this provincial town at the Bird Head of Indonesian New Guinea in recent months became the meeting place of East Asia’s logging firms – from Malaysia and China in particular. After having largely depleted the timber resources of western Indonesia, the wave of destruction now has reached out to the eastern-most Province of Indonesia: Papua (formerly Irian Jaya). Business is in full swing for the companies and government agents, but certainly NOT for the local village communities - the traditional owners of the rainforest. The attractiveness of Sorong is no secret: The Regent (Bupati), Mr John Piet Wanane and his regional government care little about government laws and issue logging permits even for Strict Nature Reserves ( Cagar Alam ) ! ...weiterlesen "SORONG (PAPUA): A haven for illegal logging – with full government support"