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Both the Greek government and private forces work towards an extermination of the country’s remaining rural heritage – with tremendous success

Seals and fishermen united in one boat

From Thomas Schultze-Westrum on 07.12.2010 at 21:50

Seals and coastal fishermen face identical threats, more than just the rapid depletion of fish resources by exploitive trawlers…

The dilemma of rural architecture – part III (Greece)

From Thomas Schultze-Westrum on 05.10.2010 at 19:24

– with emphasis on Kazaviti village, Thassos Island Note also articles/parts I (Introduction/general); II (New Guinea – Melanesia) and IV (Bavaria) All pictures and captions on page 5 The schizofrenic situation in Greece is characterized by the overwhelming power of urban life style on the one hand side, and close affinity of town people to […]

Skyros – pastoral traditions

From Thomas Schultze-Westrum on 25.08.2010 at 20:41

Land cultivation and pastoral traditions have ancient roots on Skyros. The indigenous breed of cattle was still maintained in 1958. The photographs were taken in the coastal area adjoining Kalamítza Bay, east of Linarià. The ponies were kept in one herd during the winter inland from Linarià (pictures taken in 1976). The eastern part of […]

Skantzoura – anybody out there?

From Thomas Schultze-Westrum on 12.08.2010 at 14:08

The archipelago of Skantzoura, Northern Sporades sank into oblivion, got lost in the people’s consciousness – since the Monastery of Evangelistria was abandoned by the monks of the mother monastery, the I.M. Megisti Lavra on Agion Oros.

Kyra Panagia – goats

From Thomas Schultze-Westrum on 29.07.2010 at 11:55

On Kyra Panagia Island the traditional pastoral system as illustrated by my photographs of 1976 (and the 16 mm footage shot at the same time) has been abandoned since the conservation area Northern Sporades was established. The goats are not herded and milked anymore. Already earlier cattle grazing was discontinued (cf. my article: Endemic cattle […]