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Part one

The initiative proposal for the first marine conservation area in the Mediterranean Region is well documented by the respective correspondence and memos of the time: I am presenting here first page copies of the letters dated 6 October, 1976 (total 7 pages) and 23 December, 1976 (total again 7 pages plus 3 maps) . The reader should become aware that this proposal (with much follow up correspondence not published here) was fully representative and was adopted by the Greek authorites concerned - initially there existed no Ministry of Environment, but only the National Council for Physical Planning at the Ministry of Coordination. Actually the suggestions for physical planning as laid out in the proposal of 6 October 1976 (cf. text below) presented a wider framework than was ever considered in the procedures of  implementing the conservation measures.

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Eleven years old Paulina with her collected 10 pounds has made a greater contribution to a peaceful co-existence between the seals and their human antagonists, as compared with the millions moved by self-proclaimed seal protectors over the decades since. That big money, if it had any effect, it ruined the relations for good - if not for ever.

Equally, our counterparts of the Alonnisos  cooperative of fishermen had ventured the initial steps towards a promising alliance with the seals...without that any of their good will and respectable efforts were considered and honoured. So what can you expect from their sons and grandsons... ...weiterlesen "Odyssey for a Seal"