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Unpublished scientific papers

Papuan Dogs – Footnotes and Research Papers

From Thomas Schultze-Westrum on 22.11.2010 at 18:38

Footnotes (F…) F1: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, 2006: Ref.: New Guinea Singing Dog“ Quote: „Once thought to inhabit the entire island of New Guinea, today wild populations are thought to be extinct, with captive specimens numbering 100 – 200.“ F2: New Guinea Singing Dog Society web site 2006 – Research. F3: dto. – Home, three […]

Papuan Dogs – the first companions of man

From Thomas Schultze-Westrum on 11.11.2010 at 21:05

A. Personal introduction   The fascination of New Guinea – the Last Unknown. My journey to Australia and New Guinea half a centrury ago. Visit to Sir Edward Hallstrom and „his“ dogs at Taronga Park Zoo of Sydney. Travelling twenty times (from 1959 to 2003) into the wilderness of New Guinea: to the Central Highlands […]

Papuan Dogs – pictures

From Thomas Schultze-Westrum on 06.11.2010 at 12:34

For the text (pages 1 – 18), with references to the pictures, see article Papuan Dogs – the first companions of man. Short Captions (cf. also references in the text): fig. 1a, West Papua, Central Highlands, Wissel Lakes  (from: LE ROUX 1950, see footnote F41) fig. 1b, „Hallstrom’s Dog“, Melbourne Zoo, December 1965 (colour pictures […]

Skyros – pastoral traditions

From Thomas Schultze-Westrum on 25.08.2010 at 20:41

Land cultivation and pastoral traditions have ancient roots on Skyros. The indigenous breed of cattle was still maintained in 1958. The photographs were taken in the coastal area adjoining Kalamítza Bay, east of Linarià. The ponies were kept in one herd during the winter inland from Linarià (pictures taken in 1976). The eastern part of […]

Northern Sporades herpetofauna

From Thomas Schultze-Westrum on 24.08.2010 at 19:29

Comparative studies of lizard populations on small islands provide far reaching insigths into the evolution of genetic diversity as well as the history of the islands in focus (changes of sea level,land bridges).