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Skiathos half a century ago

Samstag, den 28. August 2010

Some occasional pictures from our first stay on Skiathos and the satellite small islands in summer 1957. We had arrived on a fishing boat from Stylis on the mainland. There was no proper hotel on Skiathos yet, and for reaching the island’s opposite (western) side we hired a mule with guide and stayed over night […]

Skyros – a garden of wild flowers

Freitag, den 27. August 2010

The abundance of wild flowers in spring 1976 was overwhelming. It may have been equally so in previous years… is it still the same, though, nowadays?

Skyros communal architecture

Donnerstag, den 26. August 2010

The inhabitants of Skyros still hold on to their proud heritage. Their island sustained countless generations cultivating the soil and breeding endemic lifestock according to ancient traditions (cf. the article: Skyros – pastoral traditions). The inherited style of their houses was strictly observed. It relates to the Cycladic Archipelago, but became indigenous. Settlements reflect the […]

Skyros – pastoral traditions

Mittwoch, den 25. August 2010

Land cultivation and pastoral traditions have ancient roots on Skyros. The indigenous breed of cattle was still maintained in 1958. The photographs were taken in the coastal area adjoining Kalamítza Bay, east of Linarià. The ponies were kept in one herd during the winter inland from Linarià (pictures taken in 1976). The eastern part of […]

Northern Sporades herpetofauna

Dienstag, den 24. August 2010

Comparative studies of lizard populations on small islands provide far reaching insigths into the evolution of genetic diversity as well as the history of the islands in focus (changes of sea level,land bridges).