Skyros communal architecture

Published by: Thomas Schultze-Westrum

The inhabitants of Skyros still hold on to their proud heritage. Their island sustained countless generations cultivating the soil and breeding endemic lifestock according to ancient traditions (cf. the article: Skyros – pastoral traditions).

The inherited style of their houses was strictly observed. It relates to the Cycladic Archipelago, but became indigenous. Settlements reflect the close coherence in this rural society; nighbourhoods still determine the community.

At weddings archaic kinships become apparent. And the equally bearing expression of orthodox ritual and festive performance – being both the celebrated highlights in a life cycle of enduring obligations.

Skyros ways of life are directed inland; their aim is distinction. And yet: kites are universal being flown by kids in countries far beyond the horizon. But here these kites are flown on one particular day – its again a festive celebration in its own.

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