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Mysterious Images: Rock Art in West Papua (Gulf of Berau). Exploring the re-discovered World Heritage of Papuan rock art.

Kyra Panagia – the Holy Island

From Thomas Schultze-Westrum on 27.07.2010 at 14:15

In the conception of early human civilization there existed nothing supernatural because the spiritual dimension was an essential part of the natural world. Hence holiness, if defined as the essence of the natural, existed before mankind began to recognize and to distinguish the qualities of the spiritual versus the natural world. So it remains a […]

Zu den Grotten der Ahnen

From Thomas Schultze-Westrum on 23.06.2010 at 13:05

Rock art, Gulf of Berau, West Papua Felsbilder in Neuguinea – ihre Wiederentdeckung in der Tropenwildnis

TITI – Evolution of Decorative Art in the Papuan Gulf Region of New Guinea

From Thomas Schultze-Westrum on 15.06.2010 at 13:47

a forthcoming  e-book publication