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Papuan Dogs – Footnotes and Research Papers

Montag, den 22. November 2010

Footnotes (F…) F1: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, 2006: Ref.: New Guinea Singing Dog“ Quote: „Once thought to inhabit the entire island of New Guinea, today wild populations are thought to be extinct, with captive specimens numbering 100 – 200.“ F2: New Guinea Singing Dog Society web site 2006 – Research. F3: dto. – Home, three […]

Papuan Dogs – the first companions of man

Donnerstag, den 11. November 2010

A. Personal introduction   The fascination of New Guinea – the Last Unknown. My journey to Australia and New Guinea half a centrury ago. Visit to Sir Edward Hallstrom and „his“ dogs at Taronga Park Zoo of Sydney. Travelling twenty times (from 1959 to 2003) into the wilderness of New Guinea: to the Central Highlands […]

Papuan Dogs – pictures

Samstag, den 6. November 2010

For the text (pages 1 – 18), with references to the pictures, see article Papuan Dogs – the first companions of man. Short Captions (cf. also references in the text): fig. 1a, West Papua, Central Highlands, Wissel Lakes  (from: LE ROUX 1950, see footnote F41) fig. 1b, „Hallstrom’s Dog“, Melbourne Zoo, December 1965 (colour pictures […]