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Northern Sporades conservation zone – various aspects

Samstag, den 21. August 2010

For the main islands and conservation objectives a total of 20 articles has been published so far. Now some additional locations are presented: Pappoù and Grámsa islands; Psathoúra and Mikro Psathoúra; the two Adélphia islands.

Skantzoura – satellite islands

Freitag, den 13. August 2010

Seven small islands of great beauty and physical diversity are located along the north – western coast of Skantzoura: Kóraka, Prasoù (=Skandíli), Kyriáko, Strongylò, Polemikà, Kas(s)ídis and one more islet (= Lachanoù?). Facing from the seaside this green archipelago, one can sense its rather undisturbed marine wilderness character: it may happen that you watch a […]

Kyra Panagia – goats

Donnerstag, den 29. Juli 2010

On Kyra Panagia Island the traditional pastoral system as illustrated by my photographs of 1976 (and the 16 mm footage shot at the same time) has been abandoned since the conservation area Northern Sporades was established. The goats are not herded and milked anymore. Already earlier cattle grazing was discontinued (cf. my article: Endemic cattle […]