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Gioura, Northern Sporades – ancient goat breed

Montag, den 2. August 2010

The island of Gioura was a royal possession and is now owned by the Greek State. It is the most efficiently protected area of the Marine Park Northern Sporades. One or two wardens stay there permanently, at least since the 1950s, several decades prior to the park’s foundation. The wardens report to the Forestry Department […]

Gioura – civilization over 10.000 years

Freitag, den 30. Juli 2010

Gioura Island presents a rugged mountain wilderness from sea-level to 800 meters altitude. Human habitation always must have been confined to some plain stretches of land with clay soil. Steep lime-stone ridges surround these earlier cultivated areas like natural fortifications. One has to consider changes in sea-level of up to 85 meters below recent marks. […]