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Papuan Gulf decorative art

Papuan Dogs – the first companions of man

From Thomas Schultze-Westrum on 11.11.2010 at 21:05

A. Personal introduction   The fascination of New Guinea – the Last Unknown. My journey to Australia and New Guinea half a centrury ago. Visit to Sir Edward Hallstrom and „his“ dogs at Taronga Park Zoo of Sydney. Travelling twenty times (from 1959 to 2003) into the wilderness of New Guinea: to the Central Highlands […]

Building traditions, Papuan Gulf, New Guinea

From Thomas Schultze-Westrum on 02.07.2010 at 20:44

A pictorial record of Melanesian architectural diversity, part one Region: Southern New Guinea, Gulf of Papua. Location: Village Tutugu, inland of Kerewo ethnic district, Kikori River. Photographs taken 1966. Bilder Location: Paia’a village, Kerewo ethnic district , Omati River. Photographs taken 1959.

TITI – Evolution of Decorative Art in the Papuan Gulf Region of New Guinea

From Thomas Schultze-Westrum on 15.06.2010 at 13:47

a forthcoming  e-book publication