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Seals and fishermen as partners

Northern Sporades conservation area

From Thomas Schultze-Westrum on 20.06.2010 at 20:25

Part one The initiative proposal for the first marine conservation area in the Mediterranean Region is well documented by the respective correspondence and memos of the time: I am presenting here first page copies of the letters dated 6 October, 1976 (total 7 pages) and 23 December, 1976 (total again 7 pages plus 3 maps) […]

Odyssey for a Seal

From Thomas Schultze-Westrum on 20.06.2010 at 20:14

Eleven years old Paulina with her collected 10 pounds has made a greater contribution to a peaceful co-existence between the seals and their human antagonists, as compared with the millions moved by self-proclaimed seal protectors over the decades since. That big money, if it had any effect, it ruined the relations for good – if […]